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USB drive LHSBoosters

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We are doing a fundraiser for the pictures we took throughout the season. We also took individual photos of our students and group section pictures. This entitles you to a licensed digital copy of the files. We will provide you with a certificate that states you are allowed to print the pictures.

Frequently asked Questions:

Why not just print out the pictures and sell them? - Well, frankly that would cost a lot of initial investment and tracking of a ton of orders. This way you can go to drug store with the drive, select what you want and print it instantly or do it online. Many times they are less than 20 cents per image. If you are asked, you can show them the certificate that shows you have the legal ability to print them.

Will these be ready in time for the Holiday season? The last day of school for the year is on the Wednesday the 22nd. These drives will be ready for pickup at school on December 17. Mr Ezeh will give it to your kiddo or they can grab it up.

Why not just send a link to a drive online? Having a physical drive means you can have it available forever.

Who took these pictures? Chastidy Rivera and James Beattie. They are on the Band Booster board and volunteered their time.

Who is the money going to? The funds we raise after expenses for the drives will go directly to the band programs of Luella High School.

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