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Out of an abundance of caution, our formal Marching band will not be occuring this year.  However we are working toward supporting our teams as a pep band.



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Being a part of a community in High School is important to success.  It is a proven fact that students involved in the arts have better grades.  It is more work, it is more investment of time and resources, and it is the best thing you can do for your child.  They will make relationships that last them throughout High School.  It gives them a community. 

How Much Does it cost?

Marching band fees for the season are $500 (these did not increase), paid in increments by September 25.  You student may need marching shoes, which are purchased through our band program, and are $40 and not needed until mid August.  We will communicate as needed.  These are special made shoes that compliment the uniform and can be used for all 4 years. 


There are discounts for families with multiple band students involved in band you save $100 per student.  


We do have an *early pay discount.  It will be $450 per student if all band fees are paid by 11:59pm on July 24th (the end of first week of Band camp). If you have multiple students in band and pay early, you will also receive a $50 discount per child for this early pay discount.

What am I and my student committing to?

Band camp is the 2 weeks before school starts. July 20 - 24 and July 27 - 31.  Then weekly there will be practices on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays after school until 7pm.  In the past, we have dropped down to Tuesdays and Thursdays after September is over and the students are performing well.  Students should not miss practice, it hurts the rest of the band.  The contract states that if you do not attend practice there are ramifications.  Just like in life.  

Football games are required attendance.  We play pieces of our show during half-time at our football games.  We love those Friday nights where we get to support our team and perform.  Marching band students do not have to pay an entry fee for the football game, but parents and families do.  Those fees go to the athletic groups of the school and are dispersed to support athletics.


Marching band competitions happen on Saturdays at the very end of September and into October.  We typically compete in 2 competitions.  This requires travelling to different areas and performing in our best.  Luella has established a distinguished tradition of performing well and being awarded. 

How will my kid get to and from all of this?

Band camp and practices certainly require a lot of back and forth.  This is your time to shine as a parent.  You will need to make sure your child has reliable transportation to and from practice.  Some families coordinate a carpool, others live close enough to walk.

For football games, if it is at school we try to be mindful and schedule so that the students can stay at school until after the game, when they would need to be picked up.  At away football games, we use county buses to get us there, then you can pick your child up at Luella after they ride home with their friends.


When we all work together, our performances are outstanding.  Having your student learn, compete and be a part of a community is our only goal.  

Please sign up for our 2020 marching season, so we can get a count for choreography and music costs.  The initial fee is just to measure interest and give us a kickoff to our season.  Mr. Smith (our principal) has instructed us to move forward and plan our season as normal.  If that changes, then we will communicate and refund accordingly.

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