Be a part of our 2020 pepband

Out of an abundance of caution, our formal Marching band will not be occurring this year. 

We will be supporting our teams as a pep band.



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Being a part of a community in High School is important to success.  It is a proven fact that students involved in the arts have better grades.  It is more work, it is more investment of time and resources, and it is the best thing you can do for your child.  They will make relationships that last them throughout High School.  It gives them a community. 

How Much Does it cost?

For our pep band, we are asking for a $50 donation.  Why a donation instead of an activity fee?  Because we will have expenses whether we do or do not get the chance to perform.  Instructors, drinks, sanitization equipment and tools to comply with our district policies.


Why did you refund my money, just to ask for money again?  Because these are unique times and some families need to refocus and change priorities.  Our Marching program this year changed so significantly we also wanted to refocus and change priorities.  All of our plans changed and it seemed appropriate to refund and start again.  

We want to welcome every student we can to participate in a cautious mini-band program we are calling a pep band.  Pep bands usually are small groups of students who play to support our sporting teams.  There will be some instruction for the songs we will perform, as well as some choreography. The complexity depends on the number of students we have participate and their ability level.  We will have a place for our color guard as well.

What am I and my student committing to?

We need you to be committed to the practices and performances during our football season.  Our Practices will be every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon Starting August 25 and August 27 fro 6:00 - 8:30pm.  Your student will need a large thermos water bottle (gallon is recommended).  Because due to regulations we cannot have a refill station.  

Your student is required by our district to wear a face mask when they are not playing instruments.  When playing in the stands and throughout the process we will do our best to distance our students 6-8 feet apart.  

We will need to have your student's physical form filled out and emailed before your child can participate. This is a requirement of our district.  Here is a link to the form: Physical form

We will have a handbook that everyone will have to abide by for dress code, conduct and maintaining a respect for our equipment and other members of our band program.

How will my child get to and from all of this?

You will need to make sure your child has reliable transportation to and from practice.  Some families coordinate a carpool, others live close enough to walk.

We will only be supporting our team for our home football games.  We are told that our families will have a reserved place to site, but as supporting families, we will still be required to pay for entry into the games.  Your Pep Band student that is participating will not need to pay to get into the game.  This supports our struggling athletic association.


When we all work together, our performances are outstanding.  Having your student learn, compete and be a part of a community is our only goal.  

Please sign up for our Pep band, so we can get a count for choreography and music costs.  Mr. Smith (our principal) has instructed us to be at our game to support our teams.  If that changes, then we will communicate accordingly.

Questions?  email us at

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